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Cruzeiro, br
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Hey there!As you must have seen, I am Meiry! =)This year I've started studying Languages and Literature. I'll be studying it for more three years and I hope to be a very good teacher, which is my dream.I've already got a degree on Management and Marketing, but I wasn't really happy in this area.I don't appreciate TV too much, but I love movies. If you want to recommend me any, I'd love it!Anyway, English language is something that I really love studying. I feel that I need to be more confident about what I've already learnt. As I am a little bit shy, I get myself a bit scared when I have to speak in English. However, is something I have to work on, don't you think? What can I tell you about me?!I'm happy!! And I'm trying to be happier each day in my life!!=)See you!!
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If you want to practise English with me, you can add me as your friend. My Skype's ID is: meiry_helen

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